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>> this is 7 news. >> be careful out there
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tonight. rain is coming down. roads are wet and accidents are causing problems all over the bay area. good evening. the weather is rough out there tonight. let's get right to 7 news weather anchor spencer christian who is tracking the storm on radar for us tonight. >> here's live doppler 7 hd and rainfall quite steady up in the north bay throughout the day into the evening hours now shifting south to east through the central part of the bay area and there are wet spots out there which is giving you reason for caution. you can see a line of showers and rainfall. some light to moderate. maybe local heavy downpour through novato and sonoma out to vallejo and moving into san francisco. let's close in in marin county south to tiburon and down to the marina area of san francisco. we have got an area of pretty steady rain fall right now and we expect to it expand over the next couple hours and reach other parts of the bay area. this has been the pattern as we loop the radar over the last 3 hours.
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moving east and south than it had been doing early in the day. all of us will have wet areas by early morning. rainfall total past 24 hours over 4 inches in novato. inch in santa rosa. see most of it has been in the north bay. about to get a nice little soaking in other parts of the bay area as well. accu-weather 7 day forecast a little later. >> okay spencer thank you. see you shortly. storm has the affect on travelers all over the bay area. number of wreck out there today. slick roads mean we need more defensive driving and chp has some good advice for all of us. >> take your time. be patient. want you to leave early to wherever you are going to be going to and also check the road conditions on where you are going. you may going half hour away from home or may traveling 4 or 5 hours. so check the road conditions before you leave. >> at sfo low clouds created low visibility with delayed flights and frayed nerves for
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holiday travelers. sfo expect more than 3 percent additional travelers this year over last year. >> bit of travel trouble if headed to los angeles international airport. workers there are scheduled to demonstrate tomorrow afternoon prompting warnings for passengers to give themselves a 3 hour concussion on at lax. and extra 90 minutes to get there, too. in the mean time flight attendant at u.s. airway authorized a strike though it is not expected to impact thanksgiving travel because cooling off period is expected to be imposed. attendant upset over contract terms under the merger of u.s. airway and america west airlines. >> as millions of americans head to the airport and face long security lines, news tonight about the threat that make those checks so critical. 4 men from southern california are under arrest charged with plot to go join al qaeda and kill americans. as pierre thomas explains the men are following a dead terrorist still so powerful he's
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inspiring a new wave of jiha jihadist from the grave. >>reporter: an war was the world most wanted man. public enemy no. 1. encouraging radical to attack america in the on line preaching. u.s. killed him in the drone strike in september 2011 but today we learn he's still helping to recruit terrorists from the grave. overnight the fbi announced charges against 4 california men accused of plotting to good to afghanistan to bomb and kill u.s. soldier soldiers. they were disciple of an war. extensive amount of their admiration for him and quite frankly idealizing him. >>reporter: alleged ring leader of the group was a former member of the u.s. air force. fbi claims the alleged terror cell had conducted training including going to shooting range and even bought tickets to travel to afghanistan through mexico. >> this was a valid violent extremist network. we took
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this very, very seriously. >>reporter: according to the fbi charges one of the alleged terror cell members had posted violent extremist media including audio file of an war. we discovered 30 cases brought against so-called homegrown radical where he was a primary inspiration. they include recent plot to blow up the u.s. capitol building. federal reserve in new york and another to detonate car bomb at chicago bar. all the cases came after an war was dead. some officials fear we may see the influence for years to come. he lives on on line. abc news, washington. >> men whale secretary of state hillary clinton is now in the middle east hoping to end the week of fighting between israel and hamas militant. clinton met with israeli prime minister this evening about a cease fire to which the prime minister says his country would be a willing partner. about rocket
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continue to be fired for a seventh straight day and israel concedes it targeted and killed 3 palestinian journalist saying they had ties to militants. >> back here a one day strike at the port of oakland ended earlier than planned. the strike was by custodial maintenance worker who oppose cut to retirement benefit. some independent truckers who could not get that the port say they were losing about 400 dollars in wages per truck. yawn workers tonight agree to resume contract negotiations. the port reopened by 7 tonight. 2 hours earlier than actually expected and scheduled. last ditch effort to save hostess has failed. company says mediation talk with the baker and confection union broke down late today without an agreemen agreement. the company says it will head to bankruptcy court after all tomorrow with the intention to sell off its assets including the twivrpingie brand. more than 18,000 workers around the
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country including hundreds ins oakland will last their jobs. florida company will pay 2 and half million dollar fines for trying to manipulate the state power market. federal regulators say that river gained the system to 7 higher praises on energy import from out of state last week regulators suspended j p morgan from trading energy in california for 6 months for very similar reasons. questions about credit card expenditures are prompting calls tonight for the president of the board of supervisors in santa clara county to resign. story tonight from corina the. >>reporter: santa clara county supervisor george is under fire and being audited for the way he uses his county issued credit card or p.card. expense report show first class upgrades for air travel. extensive dining out. and even golf excursions at taxpayer expense. >> it does really look bad when you first see that or first hear about it. >>reporter: today editorial in
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the san jose mercury news calls for him to resign. board president refused to answer any reporter questions today but did make a statement during today's meeting. >> i don't want you to be distracted by political lync lynching that you have read today and continue to read about in the print media. >>reporter: the county legal arm is auditing the expenses which his office says totals over 36,000 during a 4 year period. county executive says some of the policies surrounding county issued credit cards are con fasting and changes are already being made. >> we have if looked significantly at our monitoring procedures. we are very concerned that we maintain the integrity of the p card system. >>reporter: fellow supervisor say an audit of his reimbursement needs to be done and presented to the board as quickly as possible. he says he is cooperating with the process and will have more to
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say in the future. >> certainly when the review and inquire are completed you will hear a little bit more from me. >>reporter: he made his comments today because the board is looking at more wide spread policy changes with regard to county issued credit card use in the wake of this scandal and the hot topic will be back before the board on december 20th. in san jose, scene a-abc 7 news. >> the jeff era at berkeley is over. cal has fired the most successful football coach in the school history. mike has the story. >> i informed him he welcome back seeking to hire a new head football coach. >> it was difficult decision for barbara. jeff the head coach here at cal for the last 11 years. >> jeff is a good man who has brought great success and celebration to this university and who deserves to occupy a place of honor in the cal
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family. however the current state of our program is not what our student athletes, fans and campus community deserve. >>reporter: cal players found out this morning at 10:00 a.m. in an emotional meeting with coach ted ford. >> everybody gave him a hug after and standing ovation as he deserves. >> everybody is going to miss hill. he's really put a lot of blood sweat tears in the program. >> cal graduation rate for the football team was at 48 percent which was the lowest in the pack 12. that played into the final decision. >> he's always pressed the 'or of academic and we need to finish strong at school whether he was here or not. >>reporter: barber hired app executive search firm to help find the new head coach. she has certain qualities she's looking for. >> team builder. staff builde builder. character builder. someone who is innovative. someone who understands the importance of academic. >>reporter: 5 coaches were retained to help in recruiting
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and already interest in this job. >> we will did this as quickly as we possibly can but not sacrificing getting the right person to lead cal football. >>reporter: details of the buy-out worked out and mitigated if he takes another job. he's a good man good coach and he will land on his feet somewhere as he had a great run here at cal. reporting in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> all right there is much more to get to tonight on 7 news at 9:00 as we continue a bay area police agency is offering a service to help you keep tab on your property during holiday. we explain how that works. >> saved my life. i love her. >> the school program that is being creditd with helping a girl save her mother's life. the only problem is that program could use its own life line tonight. >> update on san francisco toddler suffering from a rare form of leukemia. news the family just got about a foreign donor. stay with us for that. >> of course spencer back with
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the full look at the forecast this storm system moving in tonight. how long will it last and what about thanksgiving?
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>> want to show you a picture. fremont police need your help identifying a woman they provided this home surveillance video of woman caught on tape
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saturday as she approached a home on meier park circle soon after a ups delivery. woman took the package along with a bag of canned goods left for charity collection. if you are going to be out of town for the holiday police department is promote ago courtesy sek to makr home is safe and this doesn't happen to you. >> we good out provide security check. anybody can sign up for it. any time of the year but we are really promoting it this week. >>reporter: you can find out more about the service at the department web site fremont they can organize a security check for you this week if you sign up tomorrow. so that's key. >> the pilot of small plane walked away with minor injuries after he crashed near the san rafael airport. fire officials tell the us the pilot had trouble medley after taking off this morning and tried to turn back to the airport. he couldn't make it. managed to land in march shall about a mile away but again he escaped without injury. well, this next report
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might make you want to learn cpr for any kind of emergency. teenager was able to save her mother's life thanks to pie nearing program at fremont high school in sunnyvale. tonight vick lee has the story behind the story of what doctors say its a mirror alaska husband recovery. >> out of everyone i never thought it would be my own mother. >>reporter: 17-year-old lindsay never thought she would save a life. certainly not her own mother's. but she did. last sunday. by using cpr. which she learned at fremont high 3 years ago. her family had been watching the 49ers at home. when lori suffered a cardiac arrest. lindsay medley began mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions. she was helped by a neighbor joe gonzalez who also performed his first cpr. doctors credit lindsay for not only saving her mom's life but her function national by feeding oxygen to her brain as they waited for paramedic to arrive. her mother calls
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lindsay her angel. >> i still can't believe what she did. thank god she was home. >>reporter: fremont high school started the cpr class ins 2008 as required learning for all freshmen. it was funded with a 2 year grant from a local foundation. each student received a kit with a practice manikin and 20 minute dvd. deputy chief steve drew conceived the project. >> we taught 1,000 kids in 2008 and 700 kids approximately 200 2009. >>reporter: lindsay took the class in 2009 as a freshman. >> what you did to me. >>reporter: lindsay mom never knew her daughter could do cpr. today with her mom now resting at home, lindsay showed her for the first time the cpr kit she kept in her room for the past three years. when i reported on the story in 2008 then lieutenant told me this. >> you are diagnose something here today that maybe not tomorrow but some time in your life will provide you an opportunity to save someone's
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life. >>reporter: prediction came true. for lindsay her grade on the cpr class was not pass or fail. it was life or death. the test of of a true hero. vick lee, 7 news. >> all right. >> great story. >> fantastic. fabulous effort. >> let's get back to the weather forecast. storm is in tonight. sounds like a stormy tonight. >> it could be for much of the bay area. north bay and sweeping through other parts of the bay area. live view from the high definite figures sutro camera looking out over san francisco on this cloudy misty nature so far in san francisco the heavy rain has really hit the city of san francisco yet but we have had pockets of light rain but there is rain spread widely across the bay area right now as we look at live doppler 7 hd throu some offshore beginning to push on land. some over san francisco and reaching up into the delta area up into the northeast out towards sacramento here's the line of showers closer look from novato in marin county. over to richmond on the east bay. down 0to san francisco
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and a little bit closer. you see there is light moderate even maybe some pockets of heavy rainfall in this little pocket of rainfall right here in the area of rain. so we have wet weather now pushing through the central part of the bay area as we loop the radar. see over the last 3 hours movement of the system is sweeping eastward. south ward so all get some rain before the night is over. right now temperature readings generally in the low 60's around the bay area and these are our forecast features we see rain spreading south ward and eastward overnight. showers will difficult manipulate issue tomorrow. dry pattern thursda thursday. thanks giving day through monday. on we go to the low for tonight under shower rainy conditions low mainly in the low to mid 50's. relatively mild actually and we look at the satellite radar composite image cold front moving slowly but it's bringing us the current bout of written fall and rain overnight. forecast animation 11:00 o'clock tonight at which point we could have areas wide spread areas of moderate to heavy rainfall right through the central part of the viewing
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area during the overnight hours up to about 2:00 a.m. we see it moving slowly south ward eastward spreading to parts of the east bay and south bay and santa cruz mountains by 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning beginning official beginning of the rush hour the front moving through parts of the east bay and south bay down through the santa cruz mountains with showers trailing behind the front. the trailing showers will continue during the day in the afternoon hours then taper off giving way to partly sunny skies. evening tomorrow by 7:00 o'clock tomorrow evening we see rainfall total possibly up to inch and a half in the north bay mountains. maybe up to half inch in santa cruz mountains and other parts of the bay area. north bay will be the wettest region of the bay year. in the sierra we have winter weather advisory in effect until 4:00 o'clock tomorrow afternoon. 3 to 8 inches of new snow above 7000 feet. snow levels high. raining down at lake level lake tahoe. gusty winds gust over the peak and ridges back in the bay area tomorrow by afternoon partly sunny. relatively mild with high lane mainly low to
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mid 60's and here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast even milder on friday and saturday. thursday by the way thanks giving looks sunny dry high in the mid 60's upper 60's on friday saturday mid 60's on sunday. and then we cool down slightly monday tuesday with a slight chance of rain on tuesday but after tonight rainfall looks like mainly dry mild forecast for remainder of the 7 day period. >> nice looking holiday weeken weekend. thanks very much. >> bay area man becomes artist thanks to bust. his work could be called work in work could be called work in progress >> over a period of 5 years i probably did 200 version of this piece. >>reporter: up next. artist poised to show his work to the poised to show his work to the world. stay with us. mçó4+y?i
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>> church of england blocked a move to permit women to serve as bishop. church now expected to face years of contentious debate over the issue before new proposal put to a vote. >> in greece man arrested in what is believed to be the biggest breach of private information the country has ever seen. authorities say the man stole 9 million personal data files including the identity card details tax numbers license plate numbers and home addresses of so many people. now it's not clear how he got them or if he planned to sell these files. but huge security breach. >> dot combust artist is on the verge in the art world. here's don. >> image are startling. complex. artist work is challenging. creativity dynamic. >> i become so focused that i
9:26 pm
can paint 18 hours in a row and not stop to eat or drink. >>reporter: he's showing the newest piece at this gallery. art salon almost 20 years old. it's a perfect fit for someone who is in advertising in the early days but found his passion in painting. >> i sold another piece and here i am 6 years later. >>reporter: this is about a resurrection with metal image overlaid on paint. series about u.s. history and political icon. this is the statue of liberty. >> every other day i began to repaint over it and paint over it because the mood kept changing. so over a period of 5 years i probably did 200 version of this piece. >>reporter: wow! >> all on top of each other. >>reporter: lost folk sows he attacked it with paint thinner and pressure washer and learned a lesson. >> as much as the country changes the foundation of the country remains the same. >>reporter: then there is this. digital work of seascape and landscape create entered
9:27 pm
linear fashion. >> fine art approach to something that looks digital but done by hand requires technique and focus. >>reporter: now john will show at art bozzle in miami next month. it's the biggest art show in the world. >> more people will see my work in the short amount of time 4 or 5 days than probably seen in my life. >>reporter: could it lead to 1 man show in new york and then he could be on the verge of something big. >> i just want to be able to keep doing it and challenge eping myself. >>reporter: john exhibition at 111 mini gallery up through january. in san francisco, abc 7 news. pretty staggering stuff. >> no more running around the city naked. up next the decision on public nudity. find out where it's okay to be nude and where you will have to keep your clothes on. >> holiday tradition almost didn't happen this year. until a basketball star put his money where their mouths are. >> deal making mistake big tim time. bay area company claiming to be the victim of a
9:28 pm
5 billion dollar fraud. stay 5 billion dollar fraud. stay with
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spv. >> hell palo alto is the victim of 5 billion dollar fraud at packard. year ago hp brought a british company and paid 10 billion dollars for it. today hp chief executive said they used accounting trick to inflate the value. counting computer sale as software revenue. claiming hardware manufacturing as a marketing expense. and reporting the total value of long-term contracts instead of spreading them out over time. the former ceo at that company denies any wrongdoing but whitman says the company was worth only half
9:32 pm
what hp paid for it and has turned her evidence over to the government to investigate what was happening. now because of this accounting dispute and weak sales hp today reported a 6.8 billion dollar loss for last quarter and the stock sank to a 10 year low. tough day for hewlett packard. >> well just in. president obama has just landed at andrews air force base. president plane touched down at the military base in maryland outside washington, d.c. there you see it in the dark pulling in. he will then take a helicopter to the white house marin one. president obama is returning from 3 day swing through south east asia. at last stop in cambodian the president says the u.s. china relationship is cooperative and constructive and it's important that the 2 nations set clear rules of the road for trade and investment. mr. obama conveyed the message to china outgoing premier. again the president just landed at andrews base. live picture of air force one
9:33 pm
pulling in. in mere moments the president will come down the stairs and fly back to the white house by helicopter and after being over seas for three days. >> well it's about to be ill will el to bear your body on the streets of san francisco. nudist lost their battle at city hall today when the board of supervisors passed a measure banning public nudity. although there is still one more vote to go on this. more tonight from carolyn tyler. >>reporter: this wioon be against the law. unless a federal judge steps in. the san francisco board of supervisors voted to approve a ban on public nudity sponsored by supervisor scott weiner but it wasn't a slam dunk. >> we did live in a time of limited resources. when it comes to the what is the best and most effective way of using those limited resources, not that enforcing nudity law is important but how important it is relative to violent crime i think the focus should be
9:34 pm
violent crime. >> when we start to surrender some of these basic rights city wide that what is next is this a lot of people think that's cliche. i do ask that questio question. what piercing or tattooing or yellow hair or what? >> we are a city that believes in freedom and we have always believed in freedom. and 43 expression but take thing your pants off at castro market and displaying your genital to everyone that's not free expression. >>reporter: when the measure passed pandemonium broke out in city hall. it's already against the law to get naked in chambers but one after the other several people stripped down to protest. >> i with not have gotten naked at city in all they hadn't tried to ban nudity which ace wonderful form of free expression. >> they have already filed a lawsuit charming the ban violates the first amendment rights. >> first amendment more powerful and more important
9:35 pm
than the passion of an intolerant mob and ambitions of one or more city supervisor sns we would contend that it is. and that's what our case is based upon. >> exhibitionist expressed that way. that's different from i think people first amendment right. >>reporter: the mayor supports the so-called weiner bill. now keep in mind you will still be able to get naked at events like folsom street fair and bay to break. those are permitted events but barring a court ruling starting february 1st you will not be able to get naked anywhere else in public. violators face fines starting at 100 dollars. at san francisco city hall, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. city supervisors also approve construction of micro apartment and when i say micro we talk 220 scary feet. that includes kitchen bathroom closet and living space. rent ñ00 and 2000 dollars a month. mayor ed lee must okay the building of 375 make row
9:36 pm
apartments. supervisor also unanimously approved rest logs supporting a waterfront arena for the golden state warriors. resolution states the project is fiscally viable but also calls for environmental report on the traffic congestion around the planned arena. >> on the subject of the warriors. one team member helped make sure that hundreds of people in oakland enjoyed annual holiday feast. thanksgiving meal that almost didn't happen this year because of a lack of funding. 7 news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving. >>reporter: with a smile and warm greeting volunteers welcome hundreds of people for this year 21st annual thanksgiving dinner in downtown oakland. >> it's nice to have a moment just to take a brack and just be human and have a moment of thanks. give thanks. just be happy and celebrate. >>reporter: but this year the dinner almost didn't happen. due to shortage of funding. the that is until golden state
9:37 pm
warrior forward david lee chipped in 25,000 dollar to ensure the dinner would go ahead this year. >> to be able to make a positive contribution to the bay area is something that i was happy to do and worked out great. >> we are all caught up. >>reporter: mayor kwan among the volunteer servers. many are seniors. family with children and individual who mate otherwise go without. >> help the homeless people out. that's washington we need in this type of year. >> it inspires. makes them feel loved and appreciated. from all ages. from also kids to seniors. >>reporter: 11-year-old volunteering for the first time give you a little perspective on how lucky you are. >> yes thankful for what i hav have. for my parents. >>reporter: for some of the people companionship comrade of the event is important as the food. >> i'm blessed. my friend hear in have ited me to come join
9:38 pm
her and i'm here today. i'm very glad and thankful to be here. >>reporter: besides this effort the city also organizes a brown bag food give away for those in need. donation are needed to make that effort a success. this is 7 news. >> wonderful. coming up next. something that you can train your eyes on this holiday weekend. wayne reports on an exhibit that is becoming a exhibit that is becoming a thanksgiving
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>> breaking news coming in. firefighters trying to rescue a man in oakland who apparently fell into a quarry filled with water. of course it's dark outside. it happened in the rock ridge shopping area behind the rock ridge shopping area where the quarry is located
9:42 pm
the oakland hills. man falling into the water. firefighters are trying to rescue him as we speak. update you on 7 news at 11:00 o'clock on the rescue effort. >> doctor group says birth control pills should be sold over the counter to give more women access to them. american college of obstetrician and gynecologist largest group of such doctors says prescription to oral contraceptive serve as unnecessary barrier. group says improving access to birth control would go a long way toward reducing unintended pregnancy. >> who can forget this shot in the aftermath of super storm sandy. the storm damaged thousands of cars including those owned by rental companies. now there is a big shortage so if you are traveling back east this thanksgiving you could be out of luck. anyone that does have a rental car available is charging big bucks for it. >> east bay model railroad society that has been around for more than 60 years is putting on a show this week like few others. 10 trains running on more than a mile of
9:43 pm
track. as wayne found out it take as lot of patience and passion to keep this are railroad running. >>reporter: find it in a quiet neighborhood in suburban walnut creek. building with yet another neighborhood just in. piece of small town america except for the godzilla factor factory. >> we have to get them to their destination. >>reporter: indeed they do. all aboard the diablo valley line. elaborate a model railroad as you find in all creation. >> we try to make it as realistic as we possibly can. >>reporter: world in a microcosm to guys like ted and jim among others manipulate with benevolent efficiency. mile and a half of the track in 1 room 10 trains sometimes running at once. you know what is most amazing. occasionally it all works. koyxi. >> it was working. >>reporter: t you walked in.
9:44 pm
it's your fault. >>reporter: the walnut creek model railroad society formed in 1948. they opened the building in 1975 and never looked back. elaborate you have never soon such elaborate. group has reputation for staging shows featuring every act of nature short of a solar eclipse. of. >>reporter: how do you get around. >> you use the duck under. >>reporter: what you are looking at now is like the wizard of oz daring to take us behind the curtain beneath the train through a secret passageway the public never sees. is this any way to build a railroad. >> everybody crawls. >>reporter: underground eventually ladies to subject train an grand central station where they build the train away from prying eye so not to ruin the illusion. back up stairs if you wonder how they keep the trains from bumping into each other, the answer technology. l old technology. this array of switches cables and relay
9:45 pm
once routed telephone calls for at&t. >> it will last. >>reporter: to hear model railroad tell us the detailing constant shuttling of equipment they all come with the turf. like this isn't finished. we are fought done yet. about. >> this will never ever be done. >>reporter: not even after 6 decades. from walnut creek, abc 7 news. >> how cool is that? now the model railroad society has holiday shows planned for this weekend at the place in walnut creek go to our web site and look under see it on tv for a link to their site where you find show time and directions. wilt is certainly that type of year as we embrace the sensory overload and holiday spectacle. watch out for thoughts trying to catch our eye and get us to [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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>> before you finalize the thanksgiving menu have you thought about cocktail mixed with candy cain soda. pumpkin pie potato chips on the side. daryn tries out some of the funky flavors designed to the tempt our taste bud this hotel difficult season. >> the annual festive dressing of the shelves with a lot on the line. sweet cinnamon flavor. not so successful in my opinion. next we stopped at the oreo. winter packaging got us. taste test confirmed it was in fact the same old oreo. packaging alone is often good enough to get us to buy. one recent study found that 76 percent of consumers like seasonal packaging. only 53 percent actually like special
9:50 pm
flavors. but the shoppers we stopped were interest getting caught up in it all. limited edition. >> well, you give me a limited edition handbag i'll buy it. limited edition cookie no. >>reporter: another tactic marketers use. shape. because when i think of snow flake i think of ritz. is there anything these people didn't think of? every day bring el have turned from salty to sweet. so too the turkey. at least if you buy what baskin-robbins is selling. turkey ice cream cake with carmel as the skin. 2 cohen stuffed in to resemble the turkey legs. this is abc news new york. >> would i buy the last one. that's actual my pretty good. >> let's check in with spencer one last look at the forecast with bring el. >> i want the guy job when i grow up. 5 to grow up. look at live doppler 7 h definitely. we have a wide path of
9:51 pm
rainfall moving through the central part of the bay area for much of the day and early evening. concentrated in the north bay. it shifted south ward thousand still some in marin county parts of napa county and reaching to fairfeld and moving south down into the peninsula through san francisco and over to some location in the east bay near concord so the rain is spreading. tomorrow, tomorrow state wide we have sunny mild conditions in the southern part of the state but mixed conditions in the northern two-thirds where there will be areas of rain fall and shower activity. that includes the bay area. we have rape of night and early morning hours by mid afternoon partly sunny. high pressure in the 60's and here's accu-weather 7 day forecast rain is thursday through monday. dry period. thanksgiving day looking splendid sunny mild high in the 60's ncaa and remain that way right through the beginning of next week. >> excellent. thank you spencer. >> 7 news sports director larry beall here tonight and new era at cal. >> sad day really for a lot of
9:52 pm
people connected with the cal football program. golden bear say goodbye to the man who built the team up and also built the team up and also built the stadium. what now
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. e-mail fee. some have been pay for years. that comes to an end. we see how to keep the e-mail address and stop paying. >> and baby born with part of her heart outside her body. whether doctors are doing to help her survive. >> those stories and more coming up at 11 tonight over on channel 7. larry is hear and certainly a sad day but one i guess they felt they had to make at cal. >> kind of inevitable. the way things were going there at cal. jeff had some terrific moments in berkeley. groomed a lot of grit names. grit players. kyle bowler aaron rogers. limp played in the nfl unfortunately a few great moments have come if recent years and today cal fired him after 3 and 9 season. he arrived in berkeley 11
9:56 pm
years ago. longest tenure coach in the pack 12. built a strong program. dealt with the tree sitters who oppose to renovating memorial stadium. out lasted them. 82 games record and leaves it much better than when he found on i it. >> we are sad by it but it's hard to talk about him i'm sorry. we got really emotiona emotional. coach is a great man. done a lot for the praichlt he's done a great job. made better by jeff. this is a very attractive job that is and will attract a number of folks, a number of candidate that will meet the cray tieria and we'll have an opportunity to make a great choice. >> than thing to see what they pay annually for the job. 49ers have the first tenant for the new stadium upped construction in santa clare. the craft fight hunger bowl that will be there in 2000 14. the game played at at&t park
9:57 pm
since it started in 2002. the played in the bowl game past couple years. moving to new if a shilt should help the bowl game. >> we think this beautiful venue with increased seating capacity and revenue potential it provides will allow us to attract better teams. secure more sponsor and grow the game. >>reporter: harbaugh was to meet with the media today and answer questions from report earth's because everybody wants to know who is going to start at quarterback sunday against new orleans. harbaugh cancelled. he was attend ago follow-up evaluation to the heart procedure he had last week. coach will meet with the media at usual time tomorrow at team headquarters in santa clara that's where we grill hill. because the story is collin lighting up the chicago bears last night in 32-7 niner win the talk really started in the middle of the game. should he tuberculosis the start. >> come out and show what i was capable of. show i could be a starter. that's what i have
9:58 pm
been trying to prove city. alex is a genuine guy. i have been here with him since day one and always supported him. but collin same way. very humble heart. soft spoken and he wants to be great but i can't choose sichltdz i'm here to support either one of them. >> if alex is completely healthy next sunday will he start? >> we'll make that determination as we go. there's no rule. >>reporter: not going to tell us. over shadow by the big game the utter destruction caused by smith to chicago offensive lean. 5 app half sack on the night. leaving the nfl with total of 15. >> take advantage of what you got. if you saens weakness take advantage of it. difference feeling like i had something there. sfichlt 4
9:59 pm
years ago aaron with the fourth pick in the nfl draft. fourth over all. today cut by the raiders two week after they activated him. he was trying to come back from a knee injur injury. acquired last year but he has a knack for committing personal foul penalty at the worst possible moment. curry had two in the first game back against baltimore and new coach allen had already seen enough. so that's the end of that. semi-time of the maui invitational. brad stevens another good squad taking on north carolina. can't teach hustle. 9 out of 10 guys on the course were on the floor going for the loose ball. that's good hustle right there. butler 22 point lead at one point in the game. rodney clark had 4, 3. 17 points. bull dog with the upset of roadway williams team on maui. 82-71. cowboy big job after that. >>

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